Indiana Philanthropy Alliance Convenes Regional Funders in Muncie

IPA CEO Claudia Cummings leads a discussion of regional philanthropists. Photo by: Mike RhodesIPA CEO Claudia Cummings leads a discussion of regional philanthropists. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Holly Davis, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance—

Muncie, IN—Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA), the state’s largest amplifier of philanthropic impact, is undergoing a strategic planning process to chart the organization’s path for the next five years. The group convened funders from the region in Muncie on the morning of Thursday, June 6 at First Merchants Bank in downtown Muncie.

“In the year 2020, IPA will be celebrating our 30th year,” said Claudia Cummings, IPA CEO.  “As the new CEO, I view this as a prime opportunity to elevate the organization to amplify the impact of the philanthropic community across the state. I am thankful to Jud Fisher at Ball Brothers Foundation for hosting this focus group of regional funders to help design our vision for future.”

The timing of this new strategic plan is ideal, given that Claudia Cummings began her tenure at IPA earlier this year. IPA is a valuable resource that advances the goals of the area funders, and Cummings believes IPA has the opportunity to better serve a wider swath of Indiana’s philanthropic community—both geographically and by organization type—including corporations, private foundations, and family foundations, and IPA is collaborating with funding leaders throughout the state to meet those needs.

“Ball Brothers Foundation was pleased to help host this strategic planning session,” commented Jud Fisher, president and chief operating officer of Ball Brothers Foundation. “Representatives of East Central Indiana-based grantmaking organizations have served on IPA’s board and on various committees throughout the years, and we were glad to have such strong representation from the region helping to shape the future direction of IPA.”

Notably, Doug Bakken, former Executive Vice President/COO of Ball Brothers Foundation, served as the IPA’s first Board Chair upon its establishment in 1991. Bakken played a key role in the formation of IPA, helping to drive its creation. “Ball Brothers Foundation has been a strong supporter of IPA since its establishment and we remain committed to the future of this valuable membership organization for grantmakers and other philanthropic entities.”

IPA’s mission is to champion, support, and connect members as they transform Indiana through effective philanthropy.

IPA is a non-profit membership association (also referred to as a philanthropy serving organization, or PSO) of and for Indiana’s grantmaking community. We represent grantmaking entities as well as individual associate members from all 92 Indiana counties. Collectively, our membership holds about $18 billion in assets and awards more than $846 million in grants each year. IPA is not itself a grantmaker, but we partner with our members to help them be more effective at making grants.