Study Ranks Muncie’s Housing Market #1 Most Affordable in the USA

Muncie and Delaware County has become a hot real estate market.Muncie and Delaware County has become a hot real estate market. Illustration by story blocks

By Mike Rhodes, Editor-in-chief—

Muncie, IN—A recent study published by using data gathered from lists Muncie, Indiana as the #1 city in the USA for affordable housing.

Here are some of Muncie’s stand-out findings according to the report:

  • Median home listing price: $85,217, which is 75.4% below the national average

  • Median price per foot: $62.37, which is 55.9% below the national average

  • Median days on the market: 63, which is 17.11% below the national average

The study also indicated that Muncie homes are likely undervalued at present and that Muncie’s housing market could also have long-term growth potential despite the effects of the pandemic.

The data scientists at Insurify, a site where users can compare home insurance quotes, referred to real estate data gathered from to determine the cities with the most affordable housing markets. Specifically, they evaluated cities based on’s housing market data to determine which reported the lowest median listing price per house. To account for fluctuations month to month, the data scientists at Insurify took the median listing price for each city over the most recent three months and averaged it, then used these averages to identify the top 20 cities with the most affordable houses on the market.

The Top 20 Most Affordable Cities to Buy A Home

  1. Muncie, Indiana
  2. Terre Haute, Indiana
  3. Decatur, Illinois
  4. Lawton, Oklahoma
  5. Peoria, Illinois
  6. St. Joseph, Missouri
  7. Bloomington, Illinois
  8. Kokomo, Indiana
  9. Springfield, Illinois
  10. Youngstown, Ohio
  11. Erie Pennsylvania
  12. Springfield, Ohio
  13. Huntington, West Virginia
  14. Jamestown, New York
  15. Albany, Georgia
  16. Topeka, Kansas
  17. Davenport, Iowa
  18. Wichita Falls, Texas
  19. Waterloo, Iowa
  20. Akron, Ohio

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