GreenLine Compressed Natural Gas Station Dedicates New Police Department CNG Fleet in Partnership With City of Muncie

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By: Allison Gregory—

GreenLine Gas Station presents CNG fleet initiative to reduce carbon emissions and expenses for the City of Muncie and Muncie Police Department

Muncie, IN – Muncie Sanitary District’s GreenLine Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station introduced the Muncie Police Department’s (MPD) new fleet of 28 CNG vehicles at a dedication ceremony on May 17 at the GreenLine Gas Station in Muncie. The project was in partnership with the City of Muncie and ECO Vehicle Systems.

In this cost-effective, green initiative, an entire fleet of MPD vehicles was equipped with bi-fuel CNG systems. As a result, each vehicle will carry 8.5 GGEs (gasoline gallon equivalent) of CNG, in addition to the regular gasoline in the standard Ford fuel tank. This will allow the vehicles to operate more economically due to the low cost of CNG—provided by GreenLine—and will extend their overall operating range by having both fuel supplies available.

Joe Winkle, MPD’s Chief of Police, expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude regarding the addition of the fleet at the event.

“These cars are financially and visually a big bonus for the police station,” said Chief Winkle. “We hope to continue the process of adding these kinds of vehicles over the next few years.”

MSD District Administrator Nikki Grigsby supported Chief Winkle’s forward-thinking ambitions as well, stating, “When we built the GreenLine Gas Station, we knew this emerging technology had the ability to improve the day-to-day work of men, women, and organizations throughout the Muncie community. We are so grateful that the Muncie Police Department joined in this initiative, and we look forward to working with each partner in the future.”

For more information, contact Nikki Grigsby, MSD’s District Administrator, at or visit


About GreenLine Compressed Natural Gas Station

Implemented by Muncie Sanitary District in 2014, GreenLine is East Central Indiana’s first municipally-owned compressed natural gas (CNG) station. Since opening, GreenLine has converted its fleet of sanitation and Peterson trucks and street sweepers to CNG. Through these conversions, GreenLine has reduced Indiana’s negative environmental impact. For more information about GreenLine’s CNG initiatives, visit

About Muncie Sanitary District

The Muncie Sanitary District (MSD), created under Indiana State law in 1968 by the action of an Ordinance of the City of Muncie, Ind., provides services to the public in the areas of code enforcement, engineering, sanitation, sewer maintenance, storm water management, water pollution control, and recycling. In addition to these services, the MSD maintains a statewide position of leadership in green infrastructure through its commitment to programs and initiatives that make the Muncie community a better place to live.

About ECO Vehicle Systems

Union City, Indiana-based ECO Vehicle Systems is a high-tech, comprehensive vehicle upfitter with outstanding quality and low overhead, serving both commercial vehicle and law enforcement vehicle markets. ECO Vehicle Systems was founded in 1999 by Rob Lykins and operates out of two facilities in Progress Industrial Park totaling 130,000 sq. ft. The company is staffed and managed by a customer-focused, impressive group of seasoned industry professionals with OEM, Tier-One Supplier, Alternate Fuels, and custom vehicle modification backgrounds. The only true one-stop-shop for vehicle fleets, ECO Vehicle Systems is rapidly growing its business in the areas of custom upfits, alternative fuel conversions, vehicle and chassis electrification, and custom vehicle assembly for a wide array of world-class customers.