Evans Pines Nursery: Evergreen Trees For Windbreaks, Privacy Screens, or Landscaping

Amy and Tony Evans, Owners of Evans Pines Nursery in Albany.Amy and Tony Evans, Owners of Evans Pines Nursery in Albany.

By: Amy Evans—

A few years ago, Tony & Amy Evans decided to start planning for retirement.  For some, that might mean adjusting their 401K.  For the Evans’ that meant buying trees. Evans Pines Nursery sits on 40 acres 2 miles NW of Albany, Indiana.

Everything they grow is in containers and everything they grow stays green year-round. Evans Pines Nursery specializes in growing fast growing trees for privacy screens and windbreaks.  Currently they have Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Blue Spruce, White Pine, Canaan Fir, American Arborvitae and Green Giant Arborvitae.

Tony works during the day for E & B Paving and Amy works part time at a local Veterinary Clinic and runs her web design business from home. Amy built and maintains the Evans Pines Nursery website and handles all their social media communication.

Evans Pines Nursery is a small nursery with approximately 5,000 trees in inventory, but they are growing in size each year.  They offer 1-2’ and 2-3’ trees that are in 4-gallon containers and 3-5’ and 4-6’ trees that are in 10-gallon containers. Their pricing structure is closer to wholesale than retail.  They have seen an increase in sales to landscape companies and also in container Christmas trees.

Evans Pines Nursery

Evans Pines Nursery

Tony & Amy take great care in growing a tree with a tremendous root ball that is ready to grow well once planted. Their trees are easy to grow and are guaranteed to grow.

Tony & Amy have raised 4 children and they have blessed them with 7 grandchildren so far.  It is a family affair in the Spring when it is time to pot a new crop of trees.  During the rest of the year, Tony & Amy  work on evenings and weekends. There is more to it than most people might imagine with weed control, trimming, irrigation maintenance, mowing, meeting with customers, etc… but we do the work ourselves.  After a good wind storm, it is not uncommon for Tony to spend an hour setting some of the potted trees upright again.  It is a stress reliever though, after a day or week of working inside at our regular jobs.

Tony & Amy have helped Amy’s family with their Christmas Tree Farm for more than 25 years and have developed a love and knowledge of growing and caring for evergreens. With that experience, Tony has balled & burlaped a few trees in the past.  Their target customer at Evans Pines Nursery is a homeowner or landowner wanting a privacy screen or windbreak.  A container tree is much easier for that person to transport and plant than a balled & burlap tree.

As the grandkids grow, so will their opportunity to come and help with the Nursery and refine their work ethic, just as their parents did working at their grandparents Christmas Tree Farm. Being together was one of the reasons Tony & Amy settled on starting the Nursery in the first place, along with the Nursery being an outdoor focused activity and a stress reliever. They do it together— it is enjoyable for them to watch the trees grow and prosper.

To learn more about Evans Pines Nursery visit their website: www.evanspinesnursery.com

Evans Pines Nursery
11290 E Gregory Rd, Albany, IN 47320
Phone: 765-744-2239