MutualBank: Does Community Banking Even Matter?

MutualBank's main office is located at 110 E Charles Street in downtown Muncie. Photo by: Mike RhodesMutualBank's main office is located at 110 E Charles Street in downtown Muncie. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Jamie Faulkner—

Do you remember how twenty years ago, we were hesitant to use online banking? Many of us feared the internet and we could never imagine having our banking available and accessible via the internet. Surely, it’s not secure. Surely, my information isn’t safe. Fast forward to today and we’re talking about technology like asking Alexa for the balance of your checking account. (Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant which can hear your questions and give you answers.)

As cultures have shifted, so has the way in which we do nearly everything. We order groceries through an app and have them delivered to our home. We can change a thermostat in our house or open our garage door through an app on our phone. We can video chat with a doctor through our insurance provider, receive a prescription and never step foot into a doctor’s office. The banking industry isn’t exempt from this culture shift.

It used to be important to have a bank building near your home. You’d travel to and from work and need to stop by the bank to cash your check or maybe meet with your banker to talk about a future financial purchase and needing assistance to help you prepare. While we know there are some customers who want to have a relationship with their nearby and local bank financial center and staff, generally consumer behavior has changed. Many no longer visit their local bank to conduct their typical banking transactions. Technology like person to person payment solutions or mobile deposit have reduced the need to stop by the bank so frequently.

So, does it really matter where you bank and does banking locally make a difference?

I know I’m biased, but the answer is yes. I will share with you why.

Did you know MutualBank employs 207 people in Delaware County? (MutualBank is one of the top 10 employers in the county with over 500 employees total.) These 207 employees, for the most part, live, work and play in Delaware County, impacting economic impacts to our county.

Did you know MutualBank and its Foundation donates over $600,000, annually throughout Indiana, in sponsorships and grants to organizations that support youth and education, the arts and culture, civic initiatives and basic needs.

Did you know MutualBank employees pay $2 or more every Friday to wear jeans in support of a local organization? That’s just shy of $20,000 donated to Delaware County organizations by employees from our company.

Did you know MutualBank allows every employee a paid day off to volunteer in the community? For the 207 employees in Delaware County, that’s 1,656 of paid hours donated to the community to further invest in and support organizations to which our employees are passionate.

Did you know the MutualBank Charitable Foundation granted over $5,000,000.00 to community organizations in Indiana since its inception in 1998?

Ok, I admit it. None of these reasons have much to do with banking. The truth is, while there are slight differences in the products, rates, and technology from bank to bank, we all generally offer similar banking solutions to meet your needs. Differences between banks include culture, the people and the decisions to look inward or outward. MutualBank is looking outward, seeking ways through employee giving, volunteering, or through donations to help people live better lives.

When it comes down to it, do you want to bank with a bank who’s invested in the community you live and work? A bank who invests money, time, people and resources to make our community stronger and more successful?

If that answer is yes, choose MutualBank. For your mortgage. For your business checking account. For your construction loan. For your home improvement project or debt consolidation. For your investments. For your trust. For your college savings account. For your teen’s first bank account.

Community banking matters. You matter. We look forward to working with you and your next financial need.

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