Muncie Neighborhood Associations Can Obtain Funding for Their Projects

An aerial photo of the downtown Muncie area. Photo by: IntersectionAn aerial photo of the downtown Muncie area. File photo

By Megan Orbin, MAP Neighborhoods Coordinator—

MUNCIE, Ind. — There are 48 neighborhoods in Muncie and $1 million has been allocated to help them with their neighborhood-based projects.

What would you like to see your neighborhood do with a portion of $1 million?

How can you help your neighborhood be the best place to live?

As you’ve heard in previous articles, MAP partnered with the City of Muncie to oversee the disbursement of $1 million in American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding.  This process began in June of 2021 with a brainstorming meeting and continued through November and December of  2021 with a committee of neighborhood leaders.

The policies and procedures of awarding  funds were determined by the committee and the process was delegated to Task Force 2 of the Muncie Action Plan.  Task Force 2, with the assistance of the Muncie City Council attorney, will be approving new grant applications. It is important to note—the process is NOT competitive.

If a neighborhood group has all the qualifications to be an “organized neighborhood association” and the project(s) they have in mind align with the parameters set by the Federal Government,  funds will be awarded.

This graphic illustrates the growth of Muncie neighborhoods between 2014 and 2019. Illustration by Megan Orbin.


Megan “Mo” Orbin is the Neighborhoods Coordinator at MAP and she’ll be working with every neighborhood group and association through the process. If you are interested in developing a new neighborhood association or want to learn how to get connected to the work already taking place in your neighborhood, please contact Mo at

Neighborhood Associations interested in applying must submit an Intent to Apply or Intent to Organize form by March 01, 2022. Required forms are available on the website.