Muncie Action Plan’s Annual Community Meeting to Take Place on February 1st

Aerial image overlooking the downtown area, Muncie Central High School, and White River. Photo by: Michael WolfeAerial image overlooking the downtown area, Muncie Central High School, and White River. Photo by: Michael Wolfe

By Krista Flynn—

MUNCIE, IN – The Muncie Action Plan spent 2022 realigning our goals and structure with the Muncie Strategic Investment Plan. The Strategic Investment Plan arose from the Together DM process facilitated in 2021.

As our community’s long-range plan, the Muncie Strategic Investment Plan sets the general direction for policymaking and investment by our County and City governments, their public sector partners, and a wide range of other organizations that seek to shape the future at the local and regional levels. The original Muncie Action Plan, adopted in 2010, was influenced by issues that loomed large at the beginning of the 21st century – from deindustrialization to population loss. Over the ensuing decade, some longstanding trends have continued, some have changed, and new trends have emerged. All contribute to defining what is important to our community and what we will work towards over the next several years.

As we close out 2022 and begin looking to 2023, we would like to share MAP’s successes as we approach our Annual Community Meeting on February 1st that will be open to the public. During this meeting we will discuss MAP’s realignment from five task forces to four.

These task forces align with the new goals set out in the Muncie Strategic Investment Plan:

Task Force 1: TogetherDM Coalition – connecting with the initiatives identified in the Muncie-Delaware Comprehensive Plan developed in tandem with the Strategic Investment Plan for Muncie

Much of MAP’s previous health and education efforts will continue through the work of this Task Force.

Task Force 2: Downtown Muncie – Make Walnut Street Exceptional & Connect Downtown to Community Assets

Continue to make downtown Muncie the great place it can be by heightening (not relaxing) the focus on Walnut Street and making deliberate connections to adjacent assets.

Task Force 3: City Neighborhoods – Nurture Healthy Blocks for Healthy Neighborhoods

Cultivate partnerships around comprehensive, block-level strategies that utilize a wide range of tools to cover the fundamentals of neighborhood health.

Task Force 4: Parks and Connective Corridors – Connect High Quality Public Spaces

Increase investments in Muncie’s parks and improve the quality of place along corridors that parks to each other and to city neighborhoods.

To hear more about this realignment and MAP’s other activities we invite you to attend our Annual Community Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 1st from 6:30 – 7:30 PM on the first floor of Ivy Tech’s Fisher Building.

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