Nonprofit Organizations Invited to Submit Proposals for Mapt Solutions Transformation Challenge 

Nonprofit professionals learn from Jeri Pat Gabbert with The Fund Raising School at IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy during a fundraising training course hosted by Nonprofit Support Network in Muncie. File photo.Nonprofit professionals learn from Jeri Pat Gabbert with The Fund Raising School at IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy during a fundraising training course hosted by Nonprofit Support Network in Muncie. File photo.

Competition winner will receive $100,000 of strategic support and funding to amplify their impact.

By Jennifer Erbacher— 

INDIANAPOLIS — Nonprofit organizations working in Indiana have an opportunity to reimagine their futures, seize new opportunities and create transformative change through the second-annual Mapt Solutions Transformation Challenge, which launched this week.

The winner of the Mapt Transformation Challenge will receive a $75,000 grant for strategic planning services with Mapt Solutions and an additional $25,000 in cash to support the organization in acting on its plans. 

“Organizations today face challenges like never before: ever-increasing digital innovation, customers and clients who are resource limited and exhausted, budget and funding limitations and workforce shortages,” said Mapt Co-Founder and Principal Brittany Krier. “Nonprofits are particularly vulnerable to these challenges with lean staffing structures, limited budgets and leaders who wear many hats. This reality makes it hard for them to step back from the day to day and plan for the future, leaving them stuck in a cycle of just surviving — not thriving. Our communities need them to push through these challenges, and Mapt Solutions can help.” 

Organizations must be a registered 501(c)(3) and either have a presence in Indiana or be planning to work in Indiana through their proposal. Examples of transformational changes the grant could support include charting a new direction or launching a new nonprofit, seizing a new business opportunity that will help the organization grow, or enhancing program services for greater reach and impact. Preference will be given to organizations working to create equity and opportunity for underserved populations. Specific areas of interest include education, workforce development or other social services where work is being done to help individuals improve their economic mobility. 

Mapt Solutions is committed to and has a passion for supporting and giving back to communities. This passion drives not only the work Mapt does with clients but extends to the philanthropic contributions Mapt makes to the broader Indianapolis community, including the Transformation Challenge, which leverages Mapt’s time and talents to do greater good. In 2023, Mapt gave more than $200K to Indiana-based nonprofits, including $100K via its inaugural Transformation Challenge grant. 

The winner of the 2023 grant, Happy Hollow Children’s Camp in Brown County, was facing post-pandemic challenges and needed to step back and reimagine its operations and services to build sustainability and fortify its future success. 

Alongside Happy Hollow’s leadership and its board, Mapt Solutions charted a plan for the camp’s future growth, which included exploring its vision, ensuring sustainable funding sources, leveraging its 900+ acre campus to help its growth and evolution, and revisiting its procedures to reflect the youth served. Today, Happy Hollow has a deeper understanding of its strengths and opportunities, a clear plan for the next five years and a detailed roadmap to execute it in the first year. Additionally, the effort built deeper relationships and collaboration between Happy Hollow’s board and staff. 

“It’s a game changer. It will turn your organization upside down in a great way to help move you forward into the future,” said Happy Hollow Executive Director Sara Noyed of the Transformation Challenge. 

“Mapt has not only handed us a road map, but they participated in the journey,” continued Happy Hollow Board Member Bryan Swank. “The Transformation Challenge opened the door to a much bigger opportunity than we would have discovered on our own.” 

Learn more about the grant opportunity and how to apply at the following link.

Applications are due March 15, 2024. 






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