MCS Raises Starting Teacher Pay to $51,500

Muncie Central Dual Credit Math Teacher Sarah Hoffman is pictured. Photo providedMuncie Central Dual Credit Math Teacher Sarah Hoffman is pictured. Photo provided

By Andy Klotz—

MUNCIE,IN—The Muncie Community Schools (MCS) Board of Trustees has approved raises for its teacher again, raising the minimum annual salary for all first-year teachers to $51,500 while also bumping veteran salaries based upon performance evaluations. All current, full-time certified teachers in good standing who are rated “highly effective” will receive an additional $2,000 while those classified as “effective” will get an additional $1,000.

“It pleases us to be able to grant those compensation adjustments,” MCS Board President James Williams said. “We’re pleased with the work of our faculty and staff, and all that they do for our students and families.”

This is the sixth consecutive year of raises for all MCS educators. For the teachers selected as their school’s Teacher of the Year, an additional $1,000 in recurring salary will be paid and for the two district Teachers of the Year – one for primary level and one for secondary level – another $1,000 in recurring salary will be paid.

Raises for MCS support staff will be considered and presented to the board in May.


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