Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County 2023-24 Academic Year in Review

Entrepreneurship Program graduates. Photo providedEntrepreneurship Program graduates. Photo provided

By Lesley DeVoss—

MUNCIE, IN— “The 2023-24 academic year was full of amazing experiences for our faculty, staff and, especially, our students and community. The Muncie-Henry County campus focused on supporting our students and communities through events, experiences, and increased involvement in the lives of those we serve,” Chancellor Jeffrey Scott said. 

The Muncie-Henry County campus started the year off strong by hosting the 3rd annual welcome back party with a disco theme. Students were welcomed back to campus with live music, games, and food prepared by the campus culinary team. This annual event provides students with an introduction to on-campus and community resources that provide them with support throughout their time at Ivy Tech. They meet their fellow students and learn more about the campus by visiting booths manned by Ivy Tech staff and community organizations. 

Student Government Association President, Addie Coil said, “Serving as the Student Government Association President, I loved seeing my peers make the most out of their time at Ivy Tech. There were many events, meetings, and activities that the SGA proudly took part in throughout this year. There was never a boring moment! I had the opportunity to watch students grow closer to their educational and personal goals and it was such an inspiring experience.”

A total of 5,647 students attended courses at the Muncie-Henry County campus, a 4.3 percent increase from the 2022-23 academic year. 

Here are some of the highlights from the last academic year:

K-18 Programs

The K-18 team was busy developing and executing events directed at students throughout the communities Ivy Tech serves. Throughout the academic year, the campus hosted groups of local elementary, middle, and high school students for various reasons, including early college and the special education class from Muncie Central High School. These experiences included: 

  • Homeschool Science Fair – April 19, 2024:  Local homeschool students competed against one another, presenting their science experiments to a panel of judges. 
  • 4th Grade Day – May 1, 2024: 400 Muncie Community Schools 4th graders were welcomed to campus and introduced to the different programs offered at the Muncie-Henry County campus through discussions, games, and problem-solving. 
  • Upward Bound Summer Program – starting June 10, 2024: 60 local high school students will take part in this program. They will take a personal fitness course and attend a merit trip to New Orleans.

Two thousand three hundred local students in grades 9 -12 took part in the dual credit program, giving them the opportunity to graduate high school with a college credential. These students attend their regular high school classes along with college courses. Two hundred and twenty-two dual credit students graduated from the Muncie-Henry County campus with a total of 257 credentials. These students saved $2,731,579 in tuition costs by taking part in the program. They can move on from high school into the workforce or a 4-year university to continue their education. 

The Lilly Youth on Campus grant provided dual credit students with the opportunity to walk across the stage at the Ivy Tech graduation ceremony on May 11 without requiring the purchase of a second robe and cap set. The grant removed the financial barrier of students needing to purchase a robe and cap for both Ivy Tech and their high school. This allowed the students to attend both graduations and celebrate their remarkable achievement of earning college credentials while also earning their high school diploma.

The campus has continued to expand their programs to provide support to the communities they serve. 

  • The Pathway to Prosperity and Excellence program was launched. This program is designed for Muncie Central high schoolers that are expelled or suspended from school. The program is housed at the Ivy Tech Muncie Cowan Road Advanced Technology Center and students have access to Ivy Tech tutoring. These students can earn their high school diploma and industry recognized credentials and certifications. 
  • The campus has restructured to Accelerated Programs (ASAP), which provides students with the ability to earn their associate degree in less than two years. The program is a fast-paced experience that requires serious

Workforce Programs and Partnerships

At Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County, workforce programs are about more than simply providing students with certifications. The workforce team, known as Ivy+ Career Link, focuses on creating quality partnerships with local employers, developing students’ resumes and interview skills, and creating a talent pipeline to help fuel Delaware and Henry County’s economies.  CareerLink collaborates with local employers to co-create talent pipelines to upskill their current workforce.

Five students involved with the WorkMatters program graduated with their associate degree or certification. They are the first graduates honored from the program. The WorkMatters program provides includes an initiative that provides educational resources for justice involved individuals to rebuild their lives and create a bright future for themselves.

Workforce points of interest:

  • 696 total students completed skills training programs
  • 13 local employers in the Achieve Your Degree program, a program that helps encumbered workers utilize their company’s tuition assistance benefits.
  • Ivy Tech is the exclusive educational partner for the Muncie Manufacturing Alliance (MMA)
  • Workforce partners with local employers to conduct

“When workforce, academics, and a committed community work together, we are able to attract new talent and new organizations to call Muncie home while training to retain and skill up the current local labor force. It is about providing opportunity, hope, and a better path forward. Our premier partners have been engaged and invested and have stepped up to provide Ivy Tech graduates premium wages based on local market data,” Chancellor Jeffrey Scott said.

Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County Foundation Team

There are times when everyone needs support and assistance in one capacity or another. The Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County Foundation team helps provide that support and assistance through the scholarship and emergency funds. 

Scholarships are a major part of many college students’ support. For the 2023-24 academic year, the Ivy Tech Muncie Foundation awarded 95 students with scholarships that totaled $86,470. 

Students who experience a difficult time financially can turn to the Ivy Tech Foundation through their partnership with the IvyCares program. This program provides individuals with financial support to assist them in continuing their academic journey. The Ivy Tech Foundation at the Muncie-Henry County campus provided 42 students with emergency aid totaling $19,780. 

Foundation events provide opportunity for the faculty, staff, students, and community members to learn more about what the College and Foundation do as well as how the funds donated to the Foundation are used to support students:

  • Holiday Heroes: To support local Ivy Tech students who were in financial difficulty over the holidays, the Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County Foundation team put together Holiday Heroes. Students were able to be nominated and nominate themselves for assistance in purchasing presents for their families. The students completed forms that outlined their families and what gifts they would like to receive. Faculty and staff volunteered to adopt families and purchase gifts for them. Many formed teams to take on multiple families. Holiday Heroes helped 41 families and a total of 94 children. 
  • Ivy Tech Day of Giving: On April 23, Ivy Tech observed a statewide day of giving. Through the generous donations from faculty, staff, students, and community members, the Foundation raised $25,029 in unrestricted funds to support students and programs. The day was packed with challenges, unique food (including alligator tacos), and unusual events – Chancellor Jeffrey Scott and two culinary students ate the eyes and brain of the alligator and mahi. 

Under the umbrella of the Foundation is the Circle of Ivy: Women in Philanthropy group. This dedicated group of women are passionate about education access. Through fundraising initiatives, they directly support scholarships, emergency assistance programs, and educational resources for students on the local campus. Their efforts break down financial barriers and empower students to pursue their educational goals. 

With a membership of 42 women, the Muncie-Henry County Circle of Ivy actively participate in initiatives that support student success.

  • Holiday Giving: In conjunction with Holiday Heroes, members spearheaded the Holiday Sponsorship Wrapping Party, ensuring all donated gifts were wrapped and ready for distribution to Ivy Tech student families. 
  • Strategic Funding: The group strategically allocated funds raised throughout the year to support two impactful proposals:
    • A Girl With G.R.I.T.: $3,500 was awarded to this program, empowering underprivileged girls in the community by equipping them with essential life skills like car maintenance, home repairs, and basic cooking.
    • Juneteenth Muncie: Representation Matters: $1,550 supported a collaborative workshop co-created by the faculty of Ivy Tech and Juneteenth Muncie. This workshop focused on providing local youth with an educational experience centered on civil rights and the importance of representation on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Graduating Class of 2024

Ivy Tech Muncie-Henry County held their 55th Commencement Ceremony on May 11, 2024. The celebration honored 1,401 graduates at the Muncie Central Fieldhouse. 

Coil recorded a video that played at the beginning of the ceremony, encouraging her fellow graduates to “take this moment to let the spark inside you know that you can do anything you set your heart and mind to as well as be proud of all that you’ve accomplished to get this far.” 

  • 1,401 total graduates earned 1,564 credentials
    • 148 associate of applied science degrees
    • 58 associate of general studies degrees
    • 170 associate of science degrees
    • 647 certifications
    • 522 technical certifications
  • 222 dual credit graduates earned 256 credentials
    • 8 associate of general studies degrees
    • 1 associate of science degree
    • 180 certifications
    • 67 technical certifications

This was the first year the Muncie-Henry County campus presented graduate from the Garatoni School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, celebrating the first cohort of 19 students in the program. These students earned their certification in entrepreneurship, providing them the experience and knowledge they needed to build their businesses from the ground up. The program began in the summer of 2023 and welcomes new students each semester. 

“The Muncie-Henry County campus loves being first, especially when it means that we are able to support our communities, advocate for our students, and improve the lives of the residents of Delaware and Henry County. I look forward to the first day of classes every semester, greeting the students as they walk through the doors and embark on their academic journey here at Ivy Tech,” Chancellor Scott said. 

Ivy Tech Community College Muncie-Henry County is an open enrollment college. The application is always free. To apply visit ivytech.edu/apply-now.

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