‘Brianna’s Hope’ To Open Every Tuesday at 4:30pm

There's hope for a new day at Brianna's Hope. Photo by: graphicstockThere's hope for a new day at Brianna's Hope. Photo by: graphicstock

By: Linda DeHaven—         

Muncie, INThe Muncie, Indiana chapter of Brianna’s Hope, 115 S. Pershing St., Muncie, IN is now open every Tuesday afternoon/evening 4:30 for coffee and sharing. A meal will be served free of charge at 5:30.  At 6:15 p.m. music will begin, and the meeting and speaker will begin at approximately 6:30.  Each week a featured speaker will share their story about their battle against addiction.

Brianna’s Hope is another choice,—an opportunity for “a better life.” At Brianna’s Hope, our goal is to help people battle against addiction. Our approach is participant-driven, faith-based and compassion-filled. We offer a judgement-free safe zone where you can be honest and transparent and will not be condemned for doing so. Understand that others attending can relate to where you are coming from and how hard it is to climb out of the hole you may have found yourself in. These fellow strugglers will soon become your friends and family.

Our door is open, you need only walk through it. Whether we are your first choice or your last hope, we believe we can make a difference in your life.

Together as a recovery group, including Team Hope and community participants that care, Brianna’s Hope offers help and assistance.  Because of the effort being made by so many, we are seeing an incredible ripple effect. We are witnessing lives being transformed, families coming together, parents getting their children back, employment being found, children doing better in school and communities undergoing positive change.

Help is Available

If you can relate to any of the following you might be interested in what we have to offer.

  • “I have made some bad choices, but I am not a bad person.”
  • “Over and over I tell myself today is the day – and then it’s not.”
  • “I hated myself. I hated God. I hated the world.”
  • “We need people to tell us that it is okay to love ourselves.”
  • “When you chase recovery as hard as you chased the drug you have a chance.”

Typically, once addicted there are 4 options: Jail, Mental Institution, Death, or a Lifelong Battle for Recovery. We all deserve hope.

One addicted individual recently stated: “… I think jail definitely played a part in helping me reach the point of saying ‘this is enough…I have to fix this or I’m gonna end up dead.’”

Visit our Facebook page under the name of A Better Life, Brianna’s Hope. Muncie, IN.  For more information, contact: Tracey-765-717-1048,  Terry-765-425-7148, or Naomi-765-716-734

Please join us on Tuesday’s at 115 S. Pershing St., Muncie, IN.

ABLBH is a 501c3, non-profit organization.