Annual “Living Proof” Underage Drinking Mock Crash To Take Place May 1-2

Photo by: graphicstockPhoto by: graphicstock

By: Bruce Qualls, Living Proof Chair—

Muncie, IN—The annual “Living Proof “ crash reenactment is Wednesday, May 1st and Thursday, May 2nd from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. at Muncie Central High School. Tours are every 10 minutes with the last tour at 8 p.m. This event is open to the public for parents and youth over the age of 13.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and Living Proof is a free event illustrating the dangers of underage drinking and drinking and driving. This is especially important during the increased celebrations of spring’s parties, proms and graduations. This event is sponsored by the Delaware County Prevention Council (DCPC), along with dozens of other organizations and volunteers.

Parents and teens who attend Living Proof are reminded of the realistic consequences of drinking and driving as they walk through several different scenes, including a fatal crash scene in Central’s parking lot.

Delaware County PRIDE Team members will portray teens impacted by underage drinking and impaired driving.  There are also many police and fire department personnel, prosecutors, judges, attorneys, EMS staff and other agencies all volunteering their time to encourage Delaware County youth not to drink and especially not to drink and drive.

Living Proof is changed and updated each year. This year the story will be based on students attending a Senior Spring Formal with a couple students choosing to drink at an older sibling’s house before heading to the dance.

Bruce Qualls, retired Muncie Police officer, is the Living Proof Chair. While the topic has been brought up before about making this event a bi-annual event, Qualls stated that the decision to keep it a yearly event was made so that students are reminded each year the dangers of underage drinking and drinking and driving.

“We do it to make a difference. If we can impact one student, it is worth it,” he said.