Local Candy Maker Uses The Same Recipes From The 1920s

An assortment of some of the delicious candy made by Lowery's. Photo providedAn assortment of some of the delicious candy made by Lowery's. Photo provided

By: Stacey Shannon—

Muncie, IN—While Muncie has changed since Lowery’s Home Made Candies first opened in 1941, the candy-maker itself has stayed very much the same. The family-run business is on its fourth generation of leadership under Charles Joseph, but the recipes and techniques remain the same as they’ve always been.

Joseph said stepping into Lowery’s Home Made Candies on West Kilgore Avenue is like taking a step into the past. All candies are made by hand with carefully selected ingredients using the same tools that were used 100 years ago. Lowery’s doesn’t use machines or mixes to make candy.

“Everything is made from scratch,” Joseph said. “We emphasize quality over quantity.”

The candy recipes have also remained the same through the years. Joseph said his grandparents’ cousins got the candy recipes from Henry Roller who had a candy shop in downtown Muncie for many years and was retiring.

“Our recipes have been around since the 1920s,” he said, mentioning that Roller was especially known for making a candy called a dark secret.

The candy isn’t the only thing that hasn’t changed. Joseph said Lowery’s has numerous long-time employees and everyone feels like family, even if they aren’t actually related. The familial feeling continues into the community as well. Joseph said Lowery’s has always been in Muncie and local residents have always been very supportive of Lowery’s.

“We are a Muncie original,” he said. “We haven’t known anywhere else but Muncie, Indiana. It’s a very close-knit community.”


This business is a Muncie-Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Member and chooses to do business in Muncie-Delaware County.

Stacey Shannon is a Delaware County resident, freelance writer, and is always on the lookout for good stories in East Central Indiana.