A Message From MutualBank’s CEO, Dave Heeter

Dave Heeter, CEO, MutualBankDave Heeter, CEO, MutualBank

By: Dave Heeter—

Who knew?

Just about when we think we have it all figured out, something like COVID-19 happens!

As a leader who has the responsibility to multiple constituents, I can tell you this recent crisis has plenty of challenges.  I say that not to whine, but to share thoughts on why I continue to be humbled by and thankful for the human spirit.

First, I am so thankful for the outstanding professionals I work with every day at MutualBank.  These are brave, committed and compassionate people putting themselves and their families at risk every day to ensure our customers can conduct essential transactions that are needed to run businesses and households.  I want to thank each and every one of you awesome MutualBankers publicly.

Second, we fully recognize we are not the only essential business in any of our communities.  We must take a moment to thank those who are caring for and serving, tirelessly, on the front lines of the battle. Sincere thanks to the nurses, doctors, first responders, police, and firefighters called on constantly to serve and protect the rest of us.  You are heroes.

Third, I am very thankful for you, our customers.  You have shown patience and understanding regarding the limitations you’re experiencing as we all try social distancing and in doing our part in fighting this awful virus. This week we released multiple ways to provide additional support to all of you.  We may not be able to do everything our customers would like, but we support each and every one of you during these tough times.

MutualBank is a strong community bank, and we will add to that strength as we partner with Northwest Bank later this month.  While this pending partnership adds additional challenges for our staff, change is always tricky. Change can also bring more significant resources, better investments and improved experiences.

Who knew we could tackle just about anything that comes our way?  I did!  The spirit of getting things done, whatever it takes, particularly in extraordinary times, is a hallmark of the people I am lucky to work around every day.

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