WLBC To Broadcast Easter Messages Submitted By Local Faith Leaders

By: J Chapman, President of Woof Boom Radio—

Muncie, IN—This Easter will be unlike any of us has ever experienced. We won’t be in our house of worship and we’ve never needed our churches more than we need them right now.  In an effort to encourage social distancing, because we cannot physically be there this Easter in our churches or parishes, WLBC is asking all faith leaders, ministers, pastors, and preachers to share the message of our Risen Lord OR positive, uplifting messages with our listeners.

On Easter Sunday, we will air pre-recorded audio segments. Every church that emails us a recorded homily, a positive or uplifting message, or meditation, will be broadcast on WLBC.  The recording can be done via any smart phone or other recording method and must be a .mp3 or .m4a  audio file.

Our hope is we receive so many of these that there will be no time for commercials or even music.

Help us tell the Easter story. Ask your church leaders to share their messages with WLBC and WLBC will share them with everyone.

Emailed messages must be recorded fully without edits needed. Please do not exceed five minutes per recording. Be sure to introduce yourself and the church you represent in the beginning.  Please also include contact information in the email in case we need to reach out. Don’t forget to attach your audio file, too.

Send all audio files to Steve Lindell at steve.lindell@woofboom.com

Audio files must be emailed no later than 5 p.m. on 4/7/2020