The ‘Future of Work’ Seeks Input for Active Collaborations 

A group of students and community leaders participating the Web of Support training from Jan. 2020. Photo providedA group of students and community leaders participating the Web of Support training from Jan. 2020. Photo provided

By The Future of Work—

Muncie, IN—Imagine if all local residents were excited about their work and felt prepared for the future. What would that look like? You’re invited to help create the future of work in Muncie! You have the opportunity to invest your input, ideas, and energy in active collaborations to make our community a better place to live, work, and create.

During the last two years, the Future of Work initiative has helped foster unique and innovative collaborations that are improving the educational and workforce opportunities in our community. Examples such as the Purdue Polytechic and Ivy Tech joint faculty position at Muncie Central and the Ball State design build classes housed at Madjax illustrate the impact of co-created, active collaborations. These unique projects have connected educational institutions, for-profit businesses and non-profit community organizations in mutually beneficial partnerships that create new pathways for workforce engagement and success.

“As the Future of Work focuses on the development of citizen-engaged Action Teams during 2021, we are looking to expand on the success of existing collaborations to include a greater diversity of input and action,” shared Kyra Zylstra, director of the Future of Work Muncie initiative. “We are excited to help create opportunities to mobilize the ideas that already exist in the community that are too large for one individual organization or person to accomplish on their own.”

“As a winner of the 2020 All America City Award, Muncie was recognized for the way citizens are engaging to create positive changes in the community,” explained Jane Ellery, assistant professor of Wellness at Ball State University and the lead organizer of Muncie’s All American City application. “The Future of Work Action Teams provide a tremendous opportunity to increase that engagement and help Muncie emerge as a leader in 21st century talent production by using our existing talent at full capacity.”

The Future of Work Action Survey is now available on the Sustainable Muncie website for citizens and representatives of community groups and businesses to bring their skills, talents, and ideas together. Let us know in this brief action survey how YOU would like to shape the future of work.


The Future of Work initiative is a network of citizens, businesses, non-profits, and educational organizations working together to co-create solutions to 21st century needs. As a project of Sustainable Muncie, the Future of Work is committed to expanding curiosity, connection and purpose in the lives local citizens. Take the Action Survey at 


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