IRONMAN Group Selects Muncie to Host Full Distance Event in 2021

Prairie Creek Reservoir. Photo by: Mike RhodesPrairie Creek Reservoir. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By City of Muncie Communications—

Muncie, IN—The IRONMAN Group announced the addition of a new full-distance IRONMAN triathlon event that will take place in the long-standing IRONMAN partner city of Muncie, Indiana on October 2, 2021. This event will be held in conjunction with IRONMAN 70.3 Muncie.

“We are excited to bring a full distance IRONMAN triathlon to this community,” said Keats McGonigal, Vice President of Operations, North America for The IRONMAN Group. “We have hosted races in Muncie for nearly 40 years and are thrilled to bring IRONMAN INDIANA to this community. With the long-standing history these events have built over the years, we know our athletes will be excited to race 140.6 miles across this beautiful and challenging course in the American Midwest.”

The first half-distance triathlon event was held in Muncie in 1980 at the same venue IRONMAN uses today and still stands as the oldest continual Triathlon in the World.

“Muncie is proud to have been selected as one of only eight in the world during 2021 that will hold both a Full and Half IRONMAN on the same day. These two simultaneous events will showcase a combined 4000 contestants, with an economic benefit to Muncie and East Central Indiana of $12 to $14 million dollars according to an IRONMAN official. The economics will positively impact many sections of our economy but the restaurant and hotel industries will see the majority of this benefit,” said Dan Ridenour, Mayor of Muncie.

Aerial photo of Praire Creek Reservoir by: Michael Wolfe

Aerial photo of Praire Creek Reservoir by: Michael Wolfe

“When I had my first discussion with Brian Myrick of IRONMAN just over six months ago about a possible event and date changes for the year 2021, I really didn’t expect such great news. I continued to stay in touch with him and encouraged others like Gary Thomas, a local Triathlon athlete to help. The local Triathlon community certainly did help encourage IRONMAN to make this event happen here in Muncie. I say, thank you to you all.”

Muncie, Indiana is joined by Madison, Wisconsin in the USA, plus the Countries of Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Philippines, Poland, and New Zealand as the only places in 2021 to host both 140.6 and 70.3 mile events on the same day. This event will showcase Muncie in a very positive and select way. The choice of locations is also a testament to the quality of the Prairie Creek Reservoir Facility which is part of the Muncie City Park System. For more details about the event please visit:

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