Muncie Needs Volunteers for the IRONMAN Triathlon

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By Corey Ohlenkamp, Director of Communications, City of Muncie—

MUNCIE, Ind. – The City of Muncie is looking for volunteers to assist with the upcoming annual IRONMAN triathlon on Oct. 2, 2021.

The annual IRONMAN triathlon will be even larger this year after the cancellation of last year’s event. Muncie is hosting not only the regular IRONMAN 70.3 race, as it does every year, but a full-distance triathlon on top of that.

IRONMAN events are a great opportunity to get your community group, run club, tri-club, or any group involved and volunteer together. The event has many different areas of the race that are perfect for groups from 5-75 people to volunteer together.

The city is currently looking at registering up to 71 captains with organizations willing to help. Each captain needs to have a team of at least 50 volunteers to form a group that will help run one of the race stations for a given shift.

This year’s race will need multiple groups to help run each station because of the length of the race. Not only will there be more stations than the previous half marathon, but the time of the race will be longer as well. Groups will be needed at different times as the race transitions from the swim, bike, and run portions.

Through the IRONMAN Foundation, every race has grant funding available to groups or organizations that volunteer to help with the race. If you or your group are interested in applying for a grant from the Foundation, please reach out directly to the event’s local volunteer director Ro Selvey at for more information.

Those that don’t have a team are still needed to help make this event a success. The IRONMAN team is working hard to get all the positions, shifts, times and locations up on the website for registration, so send an email to

Again, to see all the spots needed to volunteer and what you’ll need to do….