A re-creation of the aftermath of my ninth-grade paddling. Photo by: story blocks

John Carlson: Spare The Rod and Spoil…

By: John Carlson— The other day I saw a national news story about a school system down South that is initiating an innovative method of controlling unruly students’ classroom behavior. It’s called “swatting them on the butt with a paddle.” That’s right, it’s good old corporal punishment, something that used to be fairly common in schools back in my day….

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Goodbye dear caterpillars, we hardly knew ye...Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Gone But Not Forgotten

By: John Carlson— A backyard garden like ours is supposed to be a place of peace and contemplation, but it isn’t when my wife is taking her caterpillar count. Then things get a trifle tense. Several evenings ago, Nancy found nine caterpillars stuck to a couple of our plants out back. This was cause for celebration. After all, butterflies –…