My dork factor makes a fedora unwearable. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: A Tip of the Hat to Hats

By: John Carlson— I’ve recently inherited two hats. One is a classic fedora, the type that as a little boy I called a “daddy hat.” That’s because back in the day, it was the kind my father wore to funerals, dental appointments and similar somber gatherings. The other is a…

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Shaving club blades tend to grow and multiply. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: A Close Shave is a Fine Shave

By: John Carlson– When it comes to shaving, I have always been a blade man. Beats me why, exactly, but using a blade as opposed to an electric shaver seemed cooler, more “rootsy,” more organic, if you will. The shaves seemed closer, too, come to think of it. Guess that’s…

Photographic evidence aside, I’m just fine. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Wife’s Away, But it’s a Good Day!

By: John Carlson— My wife Nan occasionally goes on church mission trips, or vacations with her sisters. But before she left this last time, she warned me against writing a bunch of blatant falsehoods about how emotionally devastating her absences always are to me, like I did during her previous…

The classic, inviting lines of a McDonald’s Big Mac. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: What I learned at McDonald’s

By: John Carlson– Millennials don’t eat Big Macs. Disturbing news of this cultural disconnection came via The Wall Street Journal not long ago. When I was a high school kid earning $1.05 an hour working at my hometown McDonald’s, I’d have given anything for a Big Mac, but we had…

When leaves fall thickly, it’s time to fire up the tractor. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: It’s a Full Harvest …of Leaves

By: John Carlson— It’s a full harvest … of leaves A bumper crop of leaves has fallen on our lawn. There was a time I used to sweat out autumn, not wanting to leave the leaves lying out there for my neighbors to see, but also not wanting to bag…

Here’s a demonstration of the crass way to hold a fork. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Rethinking the Whole Cutlery Thing

By: John Carlson— Among the many effects of aging I seem to discover almost daily, one is the way arthritis in your hands affects your ability to properly hold cutlery. Take my spoon (please). Not that long ago, I could easily wield it in a manner that would warm the…

Beech Grove Cemetery is the final resting place for veterans of wars as far back as the Revolutionary War. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

John Carlson: It’s a Day to Honor Veterans

By: John Carlson— They lie row after row under grave markers in cemeteries like Beech Grove. Others are scattered among countless small burial grounds across the country, are laid to rest in solemn American cemeteries abroad, or lie by untold thousands at a sacred place called Arlington. America’s military veterans….