Bathroom scale’s loss is ours, too. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Time to Shed Some Flab

By: John Carlson— Spring is here and summer is on the way, along with the promise of sunny days spent wearing Speedos and bikinis at poolside parties and beaches. Regrettably, it is also time for some of us to shed those pesky 60 to 70 pounds of rippling, gurgling blubber…

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My dork factor makes a fedora unwearable. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: A Tip of the Hat to Hats

By: John Carlson— I’ve recently inherited two hats. One is a classic fedora, the type that as a little boy I called a “daddy hat.” That’s because back in the day, it was the kind my father wore to funerals, dental appointments and similar somber gatherings. The other is a…

Crawl space inhabitants are pushing their luck. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Time for Ban on Raccoons

By: John Carlson— I don’t believe in ghosts, much, but I do believe in raccoons. If I ever doubted raccoons exist – which, of course, I didn’t – proof of them has become irrefutable of late, since a whole family of the pesky varmints has apparently moved under our house….

Movie tickets lead to Oscar statuettes. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Great Flicks? Here Ya Go!

By: John Carlson— Academy Awards time, also known as Oscar Night, is nearing, so I decided to offer my thoughts on movies. Of the Best Picture nominees, Nan and I have seen two, “Manchester by the Sea” and “La La Land.” Both of us loved the former, but were divided…

Lack of snow means a lack of sledding trauma. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: No Sledding Today? Yay!

By: John Carlson— I love snowless winter days for any number of reasons, not least of which is this: They eliminate any chance I might go sledding. Oh sure, I used to go sledding. This was when I was a grade-school child. We lived in a city near Lake Erie’s…

Even dogs got excited when they saw my saxophone. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Sax Career Ended on Sour Note

By: John Carlson— Every now and again, I think about digging out my old saxophone and giving it a toot. Then, usually, I don’t. I had taken ten lessons on a rented horn before Dad bought my sax for $500 back in the early 1960s, when a brand new Chevy…

Tea just doesn't cut it for a coffee person. Photo by: Nancy Carlson

John Carlson: Only Tea to Drink? Yuk

By: John Carlson— Lately I’ve been drinking tea at my writing desk, which has been fine in every respect but one. I hate tea. OK, OK. Hate is a very strong word, as Nan always reminds me when I say things like, “I hate french fries without ketchup,” or, “…