Gutter Helmet: Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

This Gutter Helmet installation is not only functional, but integrates beautifully with this home.This Gutter Helmet installation is not only functional, but integrates beautifully with this home.

By: Dave Francisco—

From the start, our company’s goal was to provide a dependable long-lasting product and service that would solve a specific need for the community and provide it to them in an honest, straight-forward manner at fair pricing followed up with excellent customer service.

Like all good ideas, “Gutter Helmet” of Central Indiana, Inc. was formed to fill a need in the marketplace. Over 35 years ago, there was no solution that could keep gutters clean and free flowing, so homeowners had to go up on their ladders and clean out their gutters several times a year to prevent clogs caused by buildup of debris. But when a product was invented that could solve this problem once and forever, it was a natural thing to want to offer this to everyone in our community. Thus “Gutter Helmet of Central Indiana, Inc.” was formed to offer gutter protection services to our neighbors.

From Kokomo to Seymour, from Richmond to Greencastle, we have over 30 years of happy customers with trusted, high quality installations. If you want to know what Gutter Helmet looks like after it is installed on a home, chances are you can limit your search to your own neighborhood. One of your neighbors is already enjoying the benefits of our quality gutter protection system. They will never have to clean out gutters again. We would love to have you become a part of the Gutter Helmet family.

Don’t miss out on the numerous benefits that the Gutter Helmet system offers you. The two most important are avoiding the dangers of climbing a shaky ladder and preventing over flowing gutters that can damage your foundation and your landscaping. Enjoy, free-flowing gutters all year long.

As we grow, we will continue to hold true to our values and commitments to you, the homeowner. We pride ourselves on our trusted reputation and our honest, trustworthy staff which has helped us to become an industry leader. We will continue to bring homeowners in our community the quality service they have come to expect for the last 35+ years. You have our word on it. Come be part of the Gutter Helmet family.


What our customers say:

The service was very timely, respectful and professional. I wish that more companies were as conscience of how to treat a new customer as they were. Everyone with Gutter Helmet was kind, it was truly a 5 star experience.—Charles

I have had Gutter Helmet on my home for over 16 years and have not cleaned them or had any issues. I have 2 other buildings that now have Gutter Helmet on them and know that I will not ever have to clean them. The Gutter Helmet works and I am happy with my purchase. Travis did a fine job.—Jerry

Dave was great when he came out and would recommend him to anyone who is tired of cleaning their gutters and wants a great product. This is the second home I have purchased Gutter Helmet, I know I wont have to ever clean my gutters.—Patricia

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