WLBC ‘Hometown Heroes’ Grant Applications Now Being Accepted

The offices of Woof Boom Radio located at 800 E. 29th Street in Muncie. Photo by: Mike RhodesThe offices of Woof Boom Radio located at 800 E. 29th Street in Muncie.

By: Steve Lindell—

Muncie, IN—Woof Boom Radio and 104.1 HD1 WLBC takes seriously our role of being a partner to those in the cities and towns we serve.  WLBC continues to assist some of the great organizations making a difference in our community with the WLBC Hometown Heroes Grant ProgramIf you are interested in receiving our promotional support please consider completing the application you will find at this link.  Note: The application is in Microsoft Word format.

Please return your grant application to Steve Lindell by March 15, 2020. If you have questions, please contact: 765-288-4403 or via email at Steve.Lindell@WoofBoom.com

Each month we are providing an investment of our resources that represents nearly $10,000 of promotional and commercial support to one deserving organization.

This is not a cash grant but rather the commitment of WLBC resources – the station with a coverage area that reaches nearly one and a half million people. We can only award a select number of grants each year. Those organizations awarded a WLBC Hometown Heroes Grant will receive the largest commitment of our resources. For the worthwhile causes that do not receive a grant we will oftentimes support their efforts by providing access to our community calendar and announcements.  No other area other media organization has our extensive reach; therefore we receive many deserving requests.

As a locally owned business committed to using our resources judiciously to give back to the community, we ask for those groups seeking our support to help us in determining how best to commit our efforts.  Each month one community organization will be the recipient of this grant.

For more detail on who can apply and the grant form itself, visit this link to download the application.