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Mark Slusher, president of Endpoint Creative is pictured at his video editing suite inside the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

The Innovation Connector: Home To Mark Slusher’s ‘Endpoint Creative’ Business

By: Mike Rhodes— Muncie, IN—As you know, the Innovation Connector has been the home to many startup businesses and organizations in the Muncie community. Mark Slusher’s company, Endpoint Creative, is one of them. The company specializes in digital video production, visual marketing,  and high-end live video streaming. Slusher was born…

Financial fraud is a serious threat to small businesses. Photo by: Graphicstock

Innovation Connector to Host Anti-Fraud Workshop for Small Businesses

By: Tammy Allen, The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center— Muncie, IN—Each year United States businesses lose over $1 trillion of revenue due to fraudulent accounting practices and embezzlement. Small business owners are invited to attend an anti-fraud workshop to learn 10 No-Cost Ways to Reduce Financial Fraud Risk. “Financial fraud closes…

Alexis Dishman is Administration Director at the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

Alexis Dishman Helps People ‘Get Connected’ at The Innovation Connector

By: Tracy Dishman & Mike Rhodes — Muncie, IN—Over the last few months, has featured a series of articles about the Innovation Connector and how it “connects” entrepreneurs, businesses and community organizations with each other. By now, you’ve probably learned that the Innovation Connector is a primary “place of…

The entrepreneurial ecosystem consists of many people and organizations working together toward a common goal. Photo by: graphicstock

The Innovation Connector: Part Of An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

By: Mike Rhodes— Muncie, IN—In February of 2012, author Victor Hwang published a book titled: The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley. The book relates innovation in business and entrepreneurship to random propagations of life in the rainforest. It also happens to be one of Ted Baker’s favorite books….

Ted Baker is pictured providing one-on-one business coaching services to a client. Photo provided.

Innovation Connector Offers Business Consulting And Coaching Services

By: Mike Rhodes— Muncie, IN—Many entrepreneurs, while knowing their product or industry inside and out, are occasionally inexperienced in knowing what it really takes to successfully launch and grow a business. Generally speaking, entrepreneurs are often very passionate about their business idea, but can lack the expertise to market their…

Some of the branding "imagery" you'll find inside the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

The Innovation Connector: ‘A Place of Connection’

By: Mike Rhodes— Muncie, IN—When you think of branding your business, what comes to mind? Do you think about how you are perceived by others? How do you want to be perceived by others? What do you really do day-to-day in your business? Answers to these kinds of questions take time…

A 1 Million Cups presenter is pictured. Photo provided.

Innovation Connector Brings 1 Million Cups To Muncie

By: Mike Rhodes— Muncie, IN—Do you, or your company or organization have an idea, program or business you’d really like to try, but you just aren’t certain whether your idea will be successful? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a chance to pitch an idea or concept to business…

The Big Pitch competition is coming up! Photo provided.

Innovation Connector to Host the BIG Idea Pitch Competition for Local Entrepreneurs

By: Sheena Peters— Muncie, In—The Innovation Connector of Muncie, Indiana is hosting the fourth annual BIG Idea Pitch competition for local entrepreneurs and innovators to “pitch” their business, business concepts, product or invention to a panel of judges from the business and investment community. There are many very creative and…

Programs held at the Innovation Connector by Shafer Leadership Academy educate people on how to become leaders in their communities. Photo provided.

Innovation Connector Home and Resource Partner to Shafer Leadership Academy

By: Tracy Dishman— Muncie, IN—A professional and beautiful building, and amenities such as plenty of free parking and back-office staff support,  adds to the credibility and professionalism of an organization. Align these attributes with matching values and missions and you find a resource partner that calls the Innovation Connector their…