Brynn Wright—Member of Pridemark Construction’s ‘Future Leaders of America’ Series

Brynn Wright. Photo by Stacey ShannonBrynn Wright. Photo by Stacey Shannon

By Stacey Shannon—

MUNCIE, Ind.—Editor’s note: The Future Leaders of America series profiles high school seniors who display leadership qualities in their school and the community. The series is brought to you by Pridemark Construction.

Cowan Junior/Senior High School senior Brynn Wright takes her role as an upperclassman seriously. As one of six student athletes on the Student Athletic Committee at school, she tries to promote good sportsmanship among her fellow athletes and get more involvement from the student body.

“We want to show other schools that we have good sportsmanship and to encourage being good teammates and leaders,” Wright said.

Her own sportsmanship was recently recognized after a cross-country meet when she was passing out water at the finish line. She was awarded a sportsmanship pin from the IHSAA as a result, even though she wasn’t looking for any recognition.

 “I was doing it because everyone’s tired after a race,” she said. “I was just trying to hand out water because then they wouldn’t have to walk as far. Other people have done it in the past, and I just wanted to give back and be kind about it. I wasn’t expecting anything from it.”

In her involvement with sports at school, including cross-country, track and cheerleading, Wright strives to encourage her teammates and lead them by example.

Along with sports, Wright participates in other groups at school such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Key Club, student council and National Honors Society. But school isn’t the only place she’s busy. Wright also volunteers in the community, is active in her youth group and participates in 4H each year. Being involved is in her blood.

 “Coming from a farming family, I’ve seen how my parents and all my relatives have stayed involved,” Wright said. “Even if they don’t get recognition, they’re going out and they’re showing good leadership and being good examples to others but staying very humble about it.”

But balancing a variety of activities isn’t always easy. Wright said she works to prioritize her tasks and focus on what is important for her future. She plans to go to college, most likely at Purdue University, and study exercise science, nutrition or physical therapy. When she starts feeling overwhelmed, she pauses to look around her.

“There’s amazing support teams with all the teachers and administrators and my family,” Wright said. “There are people there even if I may feel stressed. There are people who understand and are supporting me.”

She encourages the students coming behind her to get involved in the community and clubs to make friendships.

“Getting out there and hands-on with the community, it just makes you feel better because you are making a difference,” Wright said. “I think it teaches a lot of valuable lessons.”








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