Muncie Journal Adds NEW “Opinion” Section

Mike Rhodes, Publisher & Managing Editor, Photo by: It's a selfie!Mike Rhodes, Publisher & Managing Editor, Photo by: It's a selfie!

By: Mike Rhodes—

When launched in July of 2015, our founding partners and leadership felt it was important to keep the publication’s content positive within the 3 key coverage areas of our core mission: Education, Economic Development and Quality of Place in Muncie and Delaware County.

Thousands of articles later, that is still our mission and focus. That will not change.

However, we are introducing a new OPINION section, so our over 117,000 users can express their own unique thought leadership that may revolve around those same 3 core areas: Education, Economic Development and Quality of Place. You’ll see that new menu item at the top right corner of

The new section should NOT be considered the equivalent of a “Letters to the Editor” type of content area.

Because it is not.

For example, we won’t be running “thank you’s” for people who worked on an event. Or complaints about a company, an individual or other entity. We won’t run opinion pieces on the weather, loose dogs, tall grass, the cost of a donut or personal campaigns of any sort.

What we WILL do, is run well-thought-out, opinions/ideas (written in a civil tone) from thought leaders who have something meaningful to offer relating to our 3 core areas: Education, Economic Development and Quality of Place.

As a case-in-point, Casey Stanley, VP of Marketing and Product Development at Ontario Systems, recently wrote a piece encouraging Indiana to invest more in tech. He wrote how that would benefit our  state and local economies and how tech investment impacts other employment in the community. So, you see how that OPINION piece opens a larger discussion on positive economic development?

Here’s his piece. It is the kind of OPINION piece we would publish.

3 Ways to Grow Indiana’s Economy by Investing in Tech

So, if YOU have an OPINION you’d like to see us publish within the context of the mission of our website, please do so. Email your opinion piece to the following email address:  If you have a question about your idea, you may call me at anytime at 765-760-3017 to discuss it. That way you won’t be spending your time on a piece that doesn’t fit the above requirements. Please label your submissions as OPINION.

Thank you for your support of