An Innovation Connector Success Story: Travis Street and Complete Technology Solutions (CTS)

Travis Street is pictured in his Muncie office inside the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike RhodesTravis Street is pictured in his Muncie office inside the Innovation Connector. Photo by: Mike Rhodes

By: Mike Rhodes—

Muncie, IN—Many entrepreneurial start-ups have called the Innovation Connector their first home. One of the earliest start-ups to call the Innovation Connector “home” is Travis Street’s  Complete Technology Solutions (CTS.)

Street graduated from Ball State with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but entered into the business of IT almost by accident. He bought his first computer in 1996 and began learning about computers and all they could do. Like most people have experienced at one time or another, Street inadvertently downloaded something that totally messed up his computer.

“I paid a guy who lived in my dorm a few hundred dollars to come and fix my computer for me,” he said. “After the computer was fixed, I kind of looked at my empty wallet and thought over time, I may have to pay people a lot of money to come fix these things.”

So, he made it a point to learn as much about computers as he could. Mainly, because he enjoyed it, but also since he came to find he had a knack for working with them.

In 1999, Street went to work at Staples, and store management kept sending him customers who needed their computers fixed, because he seemed to be the most knowledgeable employee to handle customer’s computer issues. After Staples began offering in-store tech centers, Street built computers from scratch, repaired them and recommended options to customers.

Street remembers one day particularly well, and calls it a “life changing experience.” Street helped a customer out to her car who had purchased a new computer. The woman said it looked like a challenge to hook everything up, so she asked him if he would come to her home and set it up. So in exchange for a home cooked meal, he went to her home and installed everything. She was pleased with his work and wondered if she could give her friends his phone number, if they needed computer help at home. Street agreed and suddenly found himself getting 10 phone calls the following week.

That experience eventually catapulted Street to start his own business, working with home computer users in town.

Shortly after that, he applied to the CICS program at Ball State, was accepted and completed his master’s degree in that program.

The Innovation Connector “Connection”

At the time, Katie Frederick was the director of the Innovation Connector and she explained  to Street how the mission of the Innovation Connector was to “help businesses grow.” She encouraged him to take advantage of the opportunities available at the Innovation Connector. So he did.

The Innovation Connector has helped Street with his successful journey of building and growing his business. “Its been a great relationship working with the Innovation Connector,” he said. “As I’ve grown and become established, they have helped me along with marketing my business, business coaching and business development ideas including directions the business should take. Working with the Innovation Connector has been a huge, incredible asset for me.”

Ted Baker, executive director of the Innovation Connector, commented on CTS.  “Travis and his team are why the Innovation Connector still exists today.  His business has pivoted several times and we have been there to assist them through these changes.  Travis is a true visionary entrepreneur who works hard to serve his clients with the best of care.  Having CTS in the Innovation Connector is a win for everyone.”

CTS now has offices in Muncie, Indianapolis, and Plano, TX.  In January of 2019, CTS became an official Elite member of The 20, empowering the company to deliver a broader set of solutions for its customers looking to streamline their user experience. The alliance empowers CTS to provide unparalleled, nation-wide onsite and remote IT support to its clients,—specifically to their specialized vertical markets of multi-family housing, student housing, and hospitality.

Technology never stops and CTS is among those firms who stop to learn about next generation technologies and how to apply them. One such technology is wireless charging called “QI.” (pronounced “Chee”.) Utilizing the concept of conductive, wireless charging, Street says CTS can incorporate “QI” into furniture, cabinetry, bar tops, conference tables etc.  The idea is to conveniently set your phone down on a “QI” enabled surface and your phone will immediately begin charging.

How convenient is that?

For more information on CTS, contact:

Complete Technology Solutions, CTS
1208 W White River Blvd, Suite 126
Muncie, IN 46340


For more information on the Innovation Connector, contact Alexis Dishman, or call 765.285.4900.